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Main Wing

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From small gatherings to extravagant occasions, The Bellevue Manila is the best venue for events of all kinds

Our hotel is complete with function and facilities for your social needs. Let us help you curate a better experience for you and your guests on your events.

The Bellevue Manila

Alabang Function Room

The Alabang Function Room is an 87.58-square meter venue made for more intimate and private gatherings. It is located on the second floor, immediately to the right of the staircase in the Main Wing. This function room has elegantly patterned gray carpets with hints of black, white, and gold. Its walls are made of rich brown wood with accent pieces of silky gold fabric panels for a classic and stylish touch.

The Bellevue Manila

Laguna Ballroom

Located on the second floor of the Main Wing, adjacent to the Alabang Function Room, and just across Café d’Asie, the Laguna Function Room is for events that are neither intimate nor grand, yet still as wonderful. This space was designed in the likeness of the Alabang Function Room. It can be used as one big venue, but it can also be used as two separate venues when the divider is installed.

The Bellevue Manila

20/20 Function Room

The 20/20 Function Room is located on the 20th floor, the topmost floor of the Main Wing. This venue, ideal for intimate gatherings, is dressed in navy blue upholstery with shiny light blue prints, and has dark blue and gold carpet flooring. This 525.18-square meter, low-ceiling space can be used as one venue or as three separate venues when the dividers are installed.

The Bellevue Manila

Business Center

Get down to business with your colleagues and co-workers in our function and meeting rooms. Relevant materials are available to suit your needs.

To learn more about our function room layout and capacity, please click link below: