• The Bellevue Manila in Muntinlupa, Philippines
    A stunning urban abode
  • The Bellevue Manila in Muntinlupa, Philippines
    A lavish escape in the city
  • The Bellevue Manila in Muntinlupa, Philippines
    A treat for the night
  • The Bellevue Manila in Muntinlupa, Philippines
    A reward for the hard work
  • The Bellevue Manila in Muntinlupa, Philippines
    A comfort for the tired mind

The Bellevue Manila

Always at Home in World-Class Hospitality

Stop, stare, and take a moment to admire The Bellevue Manila from the very second you step inside the hotel. Take in every inch of its exquisitely designed interiors and let your senses play around before embarking on the gratifying Bellevue experience. Let its welcoming ambience envelop you, as you experience the hospitality Filipinos are very much loved for.

Every inch of this hotel in Alabang exudes class and elegance, enhanced by The Bellevue Manila’s accommodating staff whose smiles and gracious service can touch the heart of every guest. Notice the smiles on the faces of your fellow guests, and imagine the reasons they are in such high spirits. It could be because everything they’d been looking for in a hotel is here: convenient location, luxurious but reasonably priced rooms, impeccable service, and a wide array of facilities.

Now stop imagining and wear your biggest smile because finally, it’s your turn. Welcome home to a place that takes pride in world-class hospitality.


Warm and Cozy

Filipinos are known for the way they receive and welcome visitors, and at
The Bellevue Manila in Muntinlupa City, we treat our guests the same way.
This is evident in the utmost care we’ve taken to prepare each room so that the nights you spend at the hotel are ones you remember even after you’ve checked out. Accommodations come with plush beds, free Wi-Fi access, satellite TV, and a gorgeous ensuite bath, ensuring your greatest comfort. Here, we will give you the kind of hotel experience you'd gladly tell your loved ones.

Classy and Exciting

Get your pampering done, your stresses eased, and your cravings satisfied. There’s no need to venture beyond the comforts of the hotel’s walls as it provides you with top-notch facilities and unparalleled services to make your stay extremely delightful. From the beauty experts at Jing Monis Salon and Pretty Looks to the gifted chefs of Cafe D' Asie, Pastry Corner, Phoenix Court, and Hatsune, your needs are addressed only by the most professional and efficient staff. This is a testament to the standard of quality The Bellevue Manila can give.


At The Bellevue Manila, we are all about giving you the kind of accommodation that will turn to wonderful stories of the people you met, the feelings you felt, and the experiences you have shared with us – experiences that go beyond value, experiences that create lasting memories.

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